Physical / Chemical Properties

Penextra PVC door and window systems do not require color maintenance. It is resistant against all weather conditions such as cold, heat, rain, sun and chemical effects. It offers high insulation properties against heat, dust, water and noise. Penextra PVC profiles are made of specially mixed hard PVC. With this feature, it is extremely durable against UV radiation, heat and fire. Since the systems are placed in support plates of galvanized steel, wind resistance is very high.

Chemical properties of rigid PVC material:

Resistant to acids, alkalis, detergents (detergents, soap), alcohol, oils (vegetable oils, animal), carbon dioxide, gas or water. The material is not flammable, does not transmit the fire extinguishes when the ignition source is removed. (According to DIN 4102 Part 4 in the class B 2) (See LLOYD report)

Physical properties of rigid PVC material:

1) The average density = 1.4 g. /mm2
2) the average coefficient of expansion = 8010 K
3) Isı iletkenliği = 0.13 kcal/m2.h.c.
4) Modulus> 20.00 N/mm2
5) tensile strength> 25 N / mm2
6) train compressive strength> 35 N/mm22
7) Double-notched impact strength> 40 KJ/m2


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